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Complimentary Statistical Analysis

At JVA, we use multivariate techniques to compliment design of projects and analysis of data, rather than treating as ‘black box’ techniques. Usage of such techniques allows complex data to be more easily explained producing a clear, but concise story. Our Consultant Statistician is always available to advise on use of statistical techniques at both the design and analysis stages of the project.

Statistical Tools


A suite of pricing research techniques used to identify optimum price point, range of acceptable prices, most effective promos, effect on competitor and client product sales. Techniques include PSM (Price Sensitivity Measurement), Gabor Granger, Brand Price Trade Off and Decision Choice Modelling

Purchase Decision Tree

PDT used to establish relative importance of factors influencing purchase within a product market. Subsequent analysis undertaken to compare target brand vs. competitors across key purchase decision factors

Correspondence Analysis

Utilised for data collected for brands across key market and product attributes, i.e. a brand perceptions grid, to show relative positions of brands and attributes on a market map. Can also be used for gap analysis and overlaid with market segments to strategize future brand positioning


Segmentation Analysis

Analysis to segment consumers developing segments for potential targeting. Both needs-based and attitudes/behaviour-based segmentations available using combination of factor analysis and cluster analysis techniques.

Key Drivers Analysis

Typically using multiple regression on product diagnostic findings. Identifies which product attributes if changed would have greatest positive effect on overall appeal and purchase interest

Conjoint Approaches

Trading off a number of product attributes or features using either Full Concept or Preference Conjoint approaches. Measures effect of changing variables in market mix on product sales..

Range Optimisation Analysis

Analysis to identify optimum range size and composition. Useful for where Multiples will not list all flavours or variants in product range. Includes TURF, TURN and Shapley Value analysis