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Concept Screening

Early online screening of concepts or positionings, evaluating against database of concept performance to flag those with ’real’ market potential and minimise expenditure on ideas with ‘no legs’

  • Broad sample of population, either Nationally Representative or nationally representative of market (excluding rejecters)
  • Multiple concepts can be assessed, with the caveat of robust sample assessing each concept first (monadic ratings)
  • Recommend including benchmark concept for comparison, i.e. existing product in market, particularly if entering a new market for the brand
  • ‘Hotspot’ assessment to identify most motivating phrases or words, including highlighting elements that are not working
  • Database encompassing numerous previous concept tests to allow comparison of concepts/positionings performance with previously successful brands across KPIs e.g. appeal, uniqueness, relevance, suitability and purchase intent.
  • Fast turnaround of results, including monitoring performance during fieldwork period.