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Innovation & Product Development

Comprehensive database of concept and product performance to accurately forecast sales potential of new product ideas in market.

Use JVA for your NPD research and avoid launching new products that fail in market over the first 12 months of launch:

  • We have experience across the vast majority of FMCG markets
  • We have databases of concept screening and product performance to benchmark scores on KPIs against previously successful and failing product launches
  • We can break down findings by primary and secondary target audiences and behavioural/ attitudinal segments
  • We can also identify lead skus or variants to aid merchandising in both large and small accounts
  • We have a validated ‘launch-check’ model for predicting Year 1 and Year 2 sales following launch, including cannibalisation of existing client products
  • We can also offer considerable experience of evaluating product reformulations, resulting from value engineering or shifts to a healthier positioning e.g. low fat, reduced sugar etc. and competitor product benchmarking.