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Kids and Teens

Flexible services for interviewing children and teenagers, incorporating questionnaire design using vocabulary easily comprehended by age range of targeted children, strategies for ensuring that honest answers obtained and parental involvement only when appropriate

Kids and Teens

  • Face to face omnibus interviews with 1,000 kids and teens aged 5-19 years.
  • Experienced team of interviewers trained to quickly establish rapport with children
  • Cost per question ratecard
  • Results available in 7-8 days after fieldwork finishes
  • Potential to boost sample size for specific age groups
  • Parent interviews and product placement also available

Online/Mobile Research with Older Kids/Teens

The JVA Philosophy

  • Generally only recommend online/mobile research interviews with 10+ year olds
  • Parental consent for under 16s always obtained
  • High level of gamification and visual content to engage kids throughout interview
  • Uploading of photos, videos etc also available
  • Recruitment from designated Kids/teens panels, social media, parent panels as appropriate