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A tailored brand and communications tracking service using dedicated approach and design for new and existing products or services

Our Philosophy

  • If advertising and communications are directed at a specific target group of consumers then tracking the campaign should be confined to interviewing that group
  • Approach to reflect different communication channels used by campaign
  • Differing strategies according to whether campaign is aiming to:
    ➢    Increase brand awareness/saliency
    ➢    Maintaining presence with existing users
    ➢    Communicating something new about product/service
    ➢    Launching new brand/service


  • Pre/post or continuous designs 
  • Face-to-face, either in-home or in-street interviewing 
  • Digital approaches using online or mobile panels 
  • Digital interviews with sample of existing users generated from client database, promotions/store cards or social media 
  • ‘Cookied’ Panel where tags embedded to measure exposure of panellists to particular Digital ads